Honesty is Strength

February 10, 2009

Honesty is not only the best policy, honesty is strength.

I was recently laid off from my job after eighteen years in the banking industry and four years with my most recent employer.  Someone told me not to tell anyone I was laid off, but rather I should tell people I decided to jump ship and become a full-time professional speaker.  The truth is I have been a part-time professional speaker for three years and have been taking steps to become a full-time professional speaker including investing ten thousand dollars into speech coaching over the last three years and writing my own book, “Internal Vision – A Ten-Day Journey to True Happiness”, which will be out in mid-March 2009.

Perhaps, it is perceived as a position of weakness because it was not my choice to become a full-time professional speaker this soon.  I definitely disagree.  You operate from a position of weakness when you cover up the truth.  The longer you live the lie, the weaker you become.  Are the professional baseball players who have been taking steroids for years and posing as society’s role models strong because they lied about taking steroids?  No, these people are weak.  They were afraid of trusting in their own abilities and they were afraid to admit it to the American public by telling the truth.  

It takes guts to be vulnerable.  And when you have guts, you do your best.

Of course, you might say it’s easy for me not to be embarrassed about being laid off because I have been laid off before.   I’ve also been divorced and had a brain tumor.  Once you tell people you’ve had a brain tumor, it’s pretty easy to tell them anything   J.  The truth is that none of these situations are worth covering up.  I know from my personal life experience that when someone hires me as a speaker they are going to get the best possible me they can get.  I will go the extra mile(s) to make my presentations exceed my customer’s expectations.   I won’t do this because I am coming from a position of weakness or desperation, but rather because I am coming from a position of honesty and passion.

How about you?  Are you living a lie and content to take that lie to your grave, or is it time to live the truth?  Are you giving your honest all to something without the fear of failure?  If you are, please pat yourself on your back for me.  J 

If not, it’s time to look fear in the eye, laugh at it and take the steps you need to become the best you who you can be.  That’s what life is all about.

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