Bad Economy – Good Opportunity

A down turn in the economy gives each of us an opportunity to do something we never dreamed of before being faced with an adverse situation.  I was laid off from a blue-collar job twenty-three years ago.  I started college at age thirty and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a double major in Accounting and Finance.  I never dreamed of going to college until I was laid off.  Four years after I graduated from college I was divorced.  I dated some beautiful women that earlier I would have never dreamed would go out with me.   I also survived a life-threatening brain tumor operation.     After I recovered, I joined Toastmasters and won several speech contests.  Before my operation, I was literally scared to death to speak in front of people.  I never dreamed that I would like public speaking and that I would be good at it.  Then twenty-three years after getting laid off from my blue collar job, I got laid off again, this time from the banking industry.  This time I had a dream even though it was a bit pre-mature for a conservative soul like my self.  I took the time to finish and market my book “Internal Vision- A Ten-Day Journey to True Happiness.”   When we are forced into transition it gives us a chance to do whatever we want without the fear of failure because we have no choice.  When I started college years ago, my friends said, “You can’t do that.  Your grades were awful in high school.  Four years is a long time, you’ll never make it.”  But I told them I was only going to go for one quarter.  After all, I had the G I bill and I had to do something.  My friends accepted that.   I took one quarter at a time.  That’s what adverse situation do for us.  They make us concentrate on the present and what we can control.  I just kept getting A’s, one quarter after another, and pretty soon I was done.  How about you?  What do you really want to do?  If you had no choice but to do it, what would you put your whole heart and love into?  Do you have what it takes to develop a plan?  Do you have the discipline and fortitude to carry out the plan, one small step at a time?  Can you to turn a bad economy into a good opportunity for you?  

Show me. 

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