Little Steps -> Interesting Life -> Big Dreams Come True

February 21, 2009

We have all heard that you should dream big.  We have also heard that we need to believe in our self to make those big dreams come true.  There is one problem with those two concepts:  there is no action.  Without little steps all of the dreaming and all of the believing in the world won’t get us anywhere.

We have to take little steps outside of our comfort zone to grow.   In September 2005 I decided that I wanted to be a professional speaker and I was going to do what it takes to make that happen.  I joined four Toastmasters clubs and received hundreds of speech evaluations over the next three years.  I also spent about ten thousand dollars to get some high-quality speech training from some truly great speech coaches.  I had someone videotape me and build a quality website.  I joined the National Speaker Association - Minnesota apprenticeship, graduate, and mentorship programs.  I spent a little over a year writing my book, “Internal Vision – A Ten-Day Journey to True Happiness”.  I took an improvisation class and then an advanced improvisation class.  One day I received an e-mail for an audition . . .  I first ignored it.  Then I re-read it, visited the Crisis Company’s website ( and decided to give it a try.  I didn’t get the part, but wow, was it ever an experience.  The actors play the roles of real life people who police officers have to deal with.  Sometimes the scene called for the actor to play the part of a drug addict.  Other scenes called for the actor to play the part of a rape victim who is considering suicide.  It was very, very interesting.  See what happens when you open yourself up to stretching your limits and trying new things?  Your life becomes interesting.  Is that what your life is missing?  You’re just one little (action) step away from making your life a whole lot more interesting.  You’re just one little (action) step away from getting closer to your big dream.    

Do you have an example of a little step that took you in a positive direction and made your life more interesting?

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