Why Resilience is Brilliance

July 9th, 2009

Resilience is brilliance.  That is a fact.  Twenty three years ago I was laid off from a blue collar job two months before my daughter was born.  I started college at age 30 and graduated Magna Cum Laude four years later with a double major in accounting and finance.  I was divorced when I was 38 years old.  After that I dated a few women who would tell you they are beautiful. J I survived a life-threatening brain tumor operation when I was 40 years old.   After that I discovered my real personality and actually liked it.  I discovered I love public speaking.  I have placed in the top three at the state level in six different Toastmaster speech contests.  At age 53 (now) I was laid off again.  Shortly after being laid off, I had my book published.  Now, I am working part-time in my old career, while I am taking classes to become a certified trainer.  I will transition from being a commercial credit underwriter to a full-time speaker/trainer/author between now and the next few years. 

So, why is resilience brilliance?  When we are done with all of the blaming and feeling sorry for ourselves we are forced to concentrate on what we can control.  We give ourselves no choice but to put all of our energy into it.  The situation forces us to have a goal, have a plan and do our best to execute the plan (one-step at a time).  The situation gives us the freedom to do these things.  If I would have quit my job when my daughter was born to start going to college at age 30 people would have said I was crazy and they probably would have been right.  I had the freedom to set a goal, develop a plan and execute the plan because I was laid off, there were no jobs in the geographical area, and I had two years left on the GI bill.  The key word is freedom.  Resilience is brilliance because it gives us freedom over our own fears.  Resilience gives us freedom to take control of our own life and make the best of the situation.  When we are resilient we quit worrying and making excuses.  Resilient people set a goal, develop a plan to reach that goal, and live in the present to execute that goal. 

That is the brilliance of resilience.

So what’s your goal?  What’s your plan?  You’re just one step away from beginning your brilliant journey.

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